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Financial Support
A financial donation can go a long way in helping to support ICCF’s mission. Last year, ICCF assisted over 2,000 families who had housing problems. Please help expand our mission as ICCF continues to help even more West Michigan families achieve their housing goals.

Here’s how a donation can make a difference:
$50: Allows ten families to attend ICCF’s Introduction to Home Ownership classes
$100: Allows a homeowner to attend ICCF’s Home Maintenance Workshops
$250: Covers the cost for ICCF to teach family survival skills through the Family Wellness classes
$500: Materials and labor costs for landscaping an ICCF home
$1,000: Installs an upgraded Energy Star furnace to save homeowners thousands in utility costs
$5,000: Allows two families to stay at Family Haven for 30 days
$10,000: Allows seven families to receive foreclosure counseling

Ways to donate

Donate Online

Mail Donation
Make your check payable to Inner City Christian Federation and mail to:
Attn: Advancement Office
920 Cherry Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Families First Giving Club

Consider supporting ICCF monthly. Join Families First Giving Club, decide how much to give and how you want to donate – either by automatic debit from a checking account or by credit card. This allows ICCF to receive donations that we can depend on every month. To sign up, complete this form and mail to ICCF:
Attn: Advancement Office
920 Cherry Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506.

Planned Giving
If you are thinking towards your future, keep ICCF in mind. Donor gifts supporting ICCF typically come from discretionary income, but planned gifts come from a donor’s assets such as stock, real estate, artwork or personal property. You may use these to benefit ICCF in your Simple Will bequest or Revocable Living Trust. Click here for examples of testamentary language to use.


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