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Consider developing a corporate relationship with ICCF, a local organization with over 35 years of experience helping community families with safe, affordable housing.

In a survey of over 750 employees nationwide, 63% volunteered because it positively impacted their career. Making this opportunity available to your employees is a great way to increase staff morale by strengthening relationships among staff.

Give your time and talents to help families at ICCF. We can use your help and we’ll find a volunteer opportunity that meets your corporate values – whether it’s a project for a department, management team or an entire organization.

We offer many volunteer options that range from ground maintenance to facilitating classes. One of our partners is Kregel Publications. Kregel employees volunteer with ICCF to landscape the yards of newly constructed or renovated homes.  

See what volunteer opportunities are available for your organization. 

Are you able to provide ICCF with assistance that will allow us to better serve families with housing needs? Whether you’re able to supply items from our needs list, donate specialized services or support ICCF financially, your help will allow us to build more stable communities as we help local families. Consider being a sponsor for one of ICCF’s fundraisers or contribute a portion of your organization’s proceeds to further ICCF’s services.

One of our collaborators, Ted Miedema Contractors Inc., donates concrete for ICCF homes. Consider what your organization can do.

For more information or ideas about how to donate, visit ICCF’s donate page.

Sponsorship: corporate, event or home

Corporate Sponsorship
Collaborate with ICCF to develop a corporate sponsorship. Are you a manufacturer? Select a product and donate a percentage of your proceeds from that product to ICCF. Are you a service provider? Select a specific service, decrease the revenue your company receives from it and provide the remaining profits to ICCF. Are you in the sales industry? Choose a day to dedicate a portion of sales to helping ICCF families. Provide your employees with the opportunity to donate a percentage of their paycheck directly to ICCF. Provide your employees with the opportunity to donate a percentage of their paycheck directly to ICCF.

Edward Jones Investment partners with ICCF by teaching a session on investing to members of our Financial Management class.

Event Sponsorship
Do you want to be an event sponsor for a fundraiser? A sponsorship will help finance the event, increase awareness of ICCF and your organization to numerous audiences while helping to increase donor support. This is a great opportunity to show how much you care about the community.

Home Sponsorship
Sponsor a home. Be the key financial contributor and help ICCF assemble skilled trade persons and volunteers to work on the home. This helps to decrease the costs of home construction significantly as it allows ICCF to reduce the number of specialized services it needs to hire out. Sponsoring a home is a great way for your organization to come together to instigate a positive change in the community.


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