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The King will reply, "Whatever you did for one of these children of mine, you did for me."

Matthew 25:40

Motivated by Christ’s love to serve
At ICCF, we are motivated by Christ’s love to serve others in everything we do; from the programs and services we offer to the way we treat our clients. We are following in Jesus’ footsteps and we want that to be evident in everything we do.

Help us as we share God’s love with neighbors in our community.

Give your time and talents to help families at ICCF. We can use your help and we’ll find a volunteer opportunity that meets your skills – whether it’s a project for a youth group or Bible study class. We offer many volunteer options ranging from assisting with home construction to leading a Bible study with ICCF families.

See what volunteer opportunities are available.

Are you able to provide ICCF with assistance that will enable us to better serve families with housing needs? Whether you’re able to supply items from our needs list, donate specialized services or support ICCF financially, your help will allow us to build more stable communities as we help local families. Consider placing ICCF in your church’s budget so a portion of your gifts will help support ICCF’s services or suggest ICCF to church members who are looking to support a local Christian nonprofit.

For more information, visit our donate page.

Sponsor a home
Do you want to be a key support supporter on the construction or renovation of an ICCF home?

A church can sponsor a home. Home sponsorship makes the church a major financial contributor and a volunteer resource for the home’s construction. This decreases the costs of home construction significantly by reducing the number of specialized services ICCF needs to hire out. Sponsoring a home is a great way for your congregation to come together and make a positive change in the community.

For details about sponsoring a home, contact ICCF’s Advancement Department (616) 336-9333 x 408.


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