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Renovated Homes

Architectural integrity
Each home has a story to tell and its own place in history. It gives a home so much character. It would be a shame to lose that by demolishing the home and building a new one in its place. Whenever possible, we take homes in disrepair and restore them to their original beauty to preserve the original architecture and character of the home. This creates a more vital neighborhood.

Features of rehabbed homes
ICCF renovates homes so they are a secure, healthy and affordable place for families to live. Skilled contractors and builders use premium materials when remodeling homes to ensure they will require low maintenance from homeowners. Even though the house may be older than you, it is remodeled to be as energy efficient as possible. Foam insulation, low E windows, energy star appliances and fluorescent lights save homeowners money and are healthier for residents and the environment.


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