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Home Mortgage Provider
Providence Home Mortgage offers mortgage products for homebuyers within any income bracket. If you’re interested in more information, contact Providence or visit their web site.

Subsidiary of ICCF
In 2003, ICCF established a subsidiary organization, Providence Home Mortgage. Providence works with clients to make home ownership a reality. For many, this dream wouldn’t have come true if Providence wasn’t there. 

What makes Providence unique
Providence gives a portion of its profits to support ICCF. This diversifies ICCF’s funding base so it is less dependent on outside resources.

We’re always there for our clients. We take evening appointments, we advocate for our clients and we remain available to help even after the loan has closed.

Low income or high, first mortgage or refinance, Providence’s staff has the knowledge and experience to find the mortgage product perfect for each client.

We want to protect clients from mortgages that put families at risk of losing their homes due to high payments or adjustable interest rates. We make sure our clients are receiving mortgage products that are affordable and fit their needs. This is why we specialize in MSHDA products and down payment assistance programs. 

Our goal is to help clients achieve their dream of becoming a homeowner. If they’re not mortgage ready, we’ll come alongside them and walk them through each stage of the process. We’ll keep their dream alive by explaining the steps to take in order to receive a mortgage approval. 


“Providence was great! The staff was so on top of things. They took the time to teach me everything they could about buying a home. I would recommend them to anyone!"
The Bowens, Providence Client


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