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Making Home Ownership Happen
Thinking of buying a home, but wondering if you’re getting in over your head?  ICCF will develop an individualized plan to help you overcome the obstacles preventing you from becoming a homeowner. 

Pre-purchase Counseling
Following the completion of ICCF’s Introduction to Home Ownership class, clients can meet with ICCF’s counselors to discuss personal barriers preventing them from home ownership. They’ll work together to dispute errors on credit reports, negotiate settlement balances with creditors and access pre-purchase credit repair assistance from the state. Counselors will also help clients review down payment assistance and mortgage options. We will work with clients for as long as it takes so they can realize their dream of home ownership.

Lender-referred Counseling
Individual counseling sessions are available to those who have been pre-approved for down payment assistance or loan products requiring home ownership education. Each session lasts up to three hours. 

In each session, counselors will examine details of the loan such as the purchase agreement and closing documents to ensure it’s the client’s best option.

Counselors will also review a client’s finances, home maintenance skills and family management techniques to prepare clients for home ownership.

A certificate of completion is given at the end of the counseling session that meets the requirements of many loan products and down payment assistance programs.


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