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Not mortgage ready?

There is a right time to buy a home and we understand that. 

At ICCF, we’ll help you reach the point where you can be confident knowing that purchasing a home will be right for you.  We’ll prepare you for home ownership, protect you from risky mortgage options and suggest mortgage products that will fit your needs.

What’s holding you back?

Don’t think you can own a home because you have poor credit? 
Unsure if you can handle the responsibilities of caring for your own home without the help of a landlord?  Worried about a mortgage tying you down for the next thirty years? 

Let ICCF help.

We understand the process of becoming a homeowner can be overwhelming.  We want you to know that ICCF will meet you at your point of need.  We’ll listen.  Tell us the worries and obstacles preventing you from home ownership and we’ll provide you with the solutions you need to overcome them. 

We’ll help you overcome your obstacles

How do we do that?  A number of ways. 

If your finances are holding you back, ICCF offers Financial Management Counseling.  We’ll work with you one-on-one to help you improve your credit score, create a monthly budget and save for your future.

When you’re ready to start looking for a home, take our Introduction to Home Ownership class.  It will prepare you for what to expect as you begin your home search.

If you’re not handy and are worried about home repairs, ICCF offers Home Maintenance Workshops.   Each workshop will help you learn how to care for a different aspect of your home – anything from landscaping to budgeting to plumbing.

If your worries don’t fall into these categories, call ICCF.  Explain your situation and we will connect you with someone who will help you achieve your housing goals.


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