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Make the call!
The threat of losing your home to foreclosure is frightening. The earlier you call, the more we can do to help.

Are you worried about going into foreclosure?
Are you in the midst of a foreclosure?

While ignoring the incoming calls of collection agents may make the situation easier to avoid, it only makes it worse. If you call ICCF, we will do everything we can to protect you from losing your home to foreclosure. 

What we do
While we can’t promise that we will save your home from foreclosure, we can promise to come alongside you to do everything we can to help save your home.  We’ll talk with mortgage companies to attempt to get a principle reduction, interest buy down or term extension.  We’ll evaluate your budget to see changes that can be made to eliminate the threat of foreclosure.  We’ll listen to you and make suggestions that may ease the situation you’re in.  It’s our job to help you look at every possibility.

It’s not just you
In 2005, we counseled fifty families in foreclosure. In 2009, we counseled over 750 families and 65% successfully addressed their situation. There’s a huge need for help and we realize that. We’ve increased staff and foreclosure support to meet the imminent need for foreclosure counseling. 

Steps to take

Step 1:
Call ICCF to schedule a meeting with a foreclosure counselor: (616) 336-9333

Step 2: When your meeting is schedule, gather the information listed in the online foreclosure packet

Step 3: Bring completed foreclosure packet to meeting


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