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Financial Management Classes

These 8 sessions cover the basic knowledge needed for adequate financial management skills.  The class manual was written by ICCF staff and offers helpful reading and class exercises.  Mary Ayers, BA in Education and MA in Counseling, teaches the series multiple times a year with daytime and evening options to meet various schedules of participants.  Any interested community members may register for classes.  Here are the book chapter/class session titles:

Session 1:  Mastering Money Management Skills
Session 2:  Developing a Spending Plan
Session 3:  Credit
Session 4:  Debt Reduction and Saving
Session 5:  Banking Basic
Session 6:  Consumer Protection
Session 7:  Insurance and Long Term Planning
Session 8:  Living in a Happy Healthy Home

Sue Ortiz, manager of Housing and Family Services, observed Mary’s class in December 2010 and had this to say:
“We have among us an incredible teacher/facilitator/engager.  Mary breaks down into understandable and useful terms the things that are so important to ‘get’ in life.  I witnessed people who probably haven’t actively participated in a classroom setting for years talk, laugh, discuss, engage and ultimately relate to the information she was sharing. These class members will likely take this information home and teach others, potentially helping a younger generation avoid the mistakes we have all experienced at one time or another.”






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