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What’s an ICCF home like?
It’s an investment.
At ICCF, we believe people are a good investment and that loving others is worth the effort.  So, you won’t see us taking shortcuts or using cookie-cutter construction. We develop affordable, high-quality, energy-efficient homes that our clients can be proud to live in. Why? Because every single home is an investment into the lives of those living in and around it.

It’s a ripple of transformation. 
We enable and empower our clients to pursue home ownership because we believe that with the right training, its benefits far outweigh the risks. The immediate benefits, however, are just the beginning. We believe quality, affordable housing has the power to not only affect the families living in them, but the neighborhood and society as a whole. 

It’s green.
We are stewards of God’s Earth.  To protect it, we build homes as green as we can so they are environmentally-friendly.  This is one way we reduce our carbon footprint on the world.  Not only does this benefit the planet, it also benefits residents.  A green home is energy-efficient, so it reduces utility costs making the home even more affordable.

Check out the features of a green home:

It’s Beautiful.
Great care goes into the design of each home to assure it fits in and brings value to both the owner and the neighborhood.

It’s Affordable.
We build homes our clients can live in for a lifetime.  Our quality construction limits repairs and energy-efficient design lowers utility costs.

It’s High-Quality.
Our homes are top-of- the-line. From the insulation to the ventilation, we only use products that are made to last.

It’s Energy-Efficient.
ICCF homes feature Energy Star® appliances, low E windows and more.


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