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Jonell's story
I am Jonell, mother of two, who was recently displaced from my home because of mold.  I was depleted when I arrived at Family Haven. I just recently had two hip replacements.  My family was sleeping in my car or spending nights at homes where we weren’t really welcomed.  I became tired, angry because I thought I had done everything right by paying the rent and the bills.
Frustrated I dragged my battered pride and children to Family Haven, where I was embraced totally. I assumed when I was told that I was going to have to stay in a shelter that I would be spending my days and nights in the same room with other families. This was not the case! I had a two bedroom already furnished apartment that needed nothing but a resident. Had food, soap, toilet paper and tooth brushes all the fix’ins of home! Before I could set down my bags my children found the perfectly made beds and were fast to sleep. I thanked God! [Don’t ever take for granted the simple pleasure of watching your children sleep in comfort.]
It was not easy during the stay at Family Haven. Those of us who plan our lives I’m sure did not include homelessness. Lack of physical mobility and the task at hand was enough to drive me to a breaking point. …Gentle reminders of God’s grace, mercy, compassion and love came streaming through [Ada Bible Church women] to me for the next 30 days. I received so many gifts from them.  . Nothing can match the kindness that these women have given to me and my children. On my last day when I lost hope and faith of finding a place that could accommodate my physical limitations and my son’s asthma and environmental allergies, one woman said, “God has a place for you, don’t worry.” That night in my eleventh hour, Miss Deb called me and said there was a place under construction handicap accessible with brand new everything! I sobbed! I thank God! I thank God! 
I say to you, “Thank you. Thank you for responding to the call that God placed upon you. I hope when it’s my turn to listen and do, I will be as obedient as all of you. May God bless you and keep you! Your deeds will never be forgotten!”
With Much Gratitude and Appreciation!

- Jonell, Family Haven Client

Jill’s Story
Once a month, when a family moves out of a Family Haven apartment, I go in, clean it and restock it with linens and supplies for the next family.  I bring donated items so when a family moves out they can take those things with them.  I think we’re here on earth to help others and this is a way I can do that.

Family Haven allows families to get their feet back on the ground.  It gives families a sense of home even though they’re in a shelter because it’s a safe place where a family can stay together.  Family Haven is a place where kids can play and parents can receive financial, parental or spiritual guidance.  It’s more than a shelter.  Family Haven empowers families to take the next step.

When families move in, they seem ashamed and worn, but when I see families leaving, they’re like new people.  They have a new outlook on life, they’re grateful and excited.  Nothing is better than that!                                                                       
- Jill, Family Haven Volunteer


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