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About Family Haven
Family Haven provides quality, clean and private shelter for homeless families in Grand Rapids. Five apartments accommodate homeless families free of charge for up to thirty days.

Family Haven gives families hope by providing them with the opportunity, structure and compassion to stabilize their lives. During their stay, families work with staff to identify and solve the issues that led to homelessness.

Family Haven also offers:
Financial counseling, employment assistance, a clothing pantry, food pantry, linen closet, Bible study and children’s activities.      

Even after a family leaves, Family Haven’s services remain available to them. Staff continues to act as an advocate for each family to ensure they remain in permanent housing.

What Family Haven does
Keeps your family together
There’s nothing worse than having your family separated from you during one of the hardest times of your life.  We understand that. At Family Haven, we keep families together. Sons or daughters, toddlers or teens, one or two-parent families – we guarantee your whole family will remain with you. Family Haven’s emergency shelter is designed to keep a homeless family together.

Helps get you back on your feet
We work with you to help you overcome the problems that led to homelessness. We’ll help you with permanent housing, employment, transportation, finances, educational opportunities – whatever you need to get back on your feet again.

Treats you with respect
We will never look down on you. You’re a child of God and you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. From your initial conversation with us, you’ll notice that. We want to help you find a permanent home in a neighborhood where you want to live.

Stays with you
We stay with you even after you leave Family Haven. For six months you can have a Housing Resource Specialist check in with you to make sure your needs are being met. They act as your accountability partner to make sure there are no problems with rent, employment, your children’s school, legal issues, emotional issues, etc. We’ll remain with you as your family transitions to a more stable lifestyle.

Family Wellness
If life’s circumstances have negatively impacted your family’s relationship, we can help. The Family Wellness series offers six courses that teach how to improve communication, resolve conflicts and build healthy relationships with family members. Learning these skills will help ensure that your home remains a stable and permanent place for your family to live. For more information, visit www.iccf.org/familywellness.

“We treat families with dignity, respect and integrity because those are what every person deserves because they’re a child of God.”
- Deb Armstrong, Family Haven Manager


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