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Employer –Assisted Housing

Are you looking for a way to improve employee relations and increase community support? ICCF can help.

The Employer Assisted Housing Program is beneficial for employees who want to live near their job. This is a convenient cost-savings for employees since it reduces travel costs – a great benefit that makes them feel valued by their employer. This program shows your company cares. 
The Employer Assisted Housing program also brings stability to nearby neighborhoods by minimizing vacant housing, creating more neighborhood participation and increasing tax revenue.
This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved – you, your employees and your local community.

Benefits for Qualified Employees
Down payment assistance: ICCF helps employees find down payment assistance options.
Mortgage: ICCF helps participants research their mortgage options.
Counseling: Home ownership counseling prepares families for home ownership.

Benefits for Employers
Retention: Improved benefits increase employee retention.

Savings: Increased employee retention reduces training costs.

Community: Neighborhoods are revitalized when occupied by responsible homeowners.

Our Employer Assisted Housing Specialist will work with you to customize an Employer Assisted Housing Program for your organization.


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