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What are the benefits of home ownership?

This is a great market for homebuyers.  The combination of tax credits, down payment assistance, low interest rates and home values make this a great time to purchase a home.  Owning a home may even be less expensive than renting!  But, there are even more benefits to owning a home than just price.

For the Family
• Provides a stable living situation
• Creates a solid economic foundation
• Develops personal responsibility
• Breaks dependence on landlords
• Provides a safe, stable environment where children can thrive
• Mortgage payment will remain steady, whereas rent may increase
• Is a source of confidence and pride

For the Community
Provides increased stability within the neighborhood
• Promotes a safe environment where families interact with and look out for one another
• Fosters neighborhood pride and affiliation
• Develops opportunities for community advancement through the support of local banks, businesses and payment of city taxes

For Society
Energy-efficient homes not only reduce utility bills, they also are earth-friendly
• One safe, stable neighborhood will positively influence the bordering neighborhood and that one will affect the next
• As homeowners take pride in caring for their home and community, we can’t help but step closer to a safer, healthier world


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