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BAFF - Building Assets for Fathers and Families

ICCF is one of four agencies nationwide selected to participate in a new federal program for non-custodial parents. The program is a collaboration with Hope Network and Kent County Friend of the Court.  The goal of the program is to enable financial stability for non-custodial parents so they can meet their financial responsibility to their children and participate more fully in their lives.  ICCF will provide financial management education, housing support, and a designated number of Individual Development Accounts to help participants save money.  Hope Network will provide employment training and job search support.  Friend of the Court will oversee the entire program.  The goals of the pilot program fit so well with ICCF goals to support families.  Sue Ortiz, manager of Housing and Family Services, reports that “people in Washington DC know about ICCF.  We have an excellent reputation for our programs.  It is our success in managing IDAs that caught their attention in regards to this new program for non-custodial parents.”



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